• L170 T6511 – 7075
    Highest Strength Aluminum

  • Lightweight Design
    The Ultimate AR15 or DPMS 308 Build

  • Premium Heavy Duty
    Drilling Fixture/Jig

In an effort to focus our resources on product development and give our customers access to better support all consumer sales and support will be offered through our approved dealers.

Don't Compromise

I've never had a better looking lower receiver. These lowers are second to none when it comes to building a custom rifle.

– Customer Mark R.
Salt Lake, Utah


Owned and Operated in the Great State of Utah. H&H Tactical Manufacturing is a small company with very high standards. Since 2011 we've been making the highest quality AR15 80% lower receivers and DPMS 308 80% lower receivers on the market. By using only the highest quality material and a breath taking design we've quickly become one of the most saught after companies for home builders looking to build custom home made rifles.

Where To Buy

Starting November 2014 In an effort to focus our resources on manufacturing and allow for better customer service we will only be offering our products through highly rated distributors and will no longer sell products on our website. For a list of online and store locations visit our Dealers page:


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