DPMS 308 80% Percent Lower Receiver

The H&H Tactical Long Range Heavy Hitter - Black Anodized DPMS 308 Billet 80% Percent Lower Receiver - is everything you would want from a true DPMS .308 AR10 receiver. One look and you can immediately see the attention to details in our lower receivers that many other lowers lack. This 80% lower is a true DIY lower that requires only the milling of the fire control group chamber and three trigger assembly holes. Don't compromise - get the pinnacle of DPMS .308 receivers - only from H&H Tactical!

Technical Specifications
Precision 5-Axis Milled T7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum.

Milling already completed on the following:

  • Pistol Grip threading
  • Bolt Catch plunger hole
  • Take down detent hole (both)
  • Buffer retainer hole
  • Buttstock threading
  • Magazine catch spring and catch button
  • Safety selector detent hole
Hard Anodized Type III (3) Black: Our lower receivers are professionally bead blasted, which peens the surface leaving a smooth texture then immediately Hard Type III anodized at the same facility - ensuring a strong even finish that exceeds even military specifications.

Customer Comment:

No other 80%er on the market looks or fits better with our DPMS 308 Uppers. This lower is the way to go if you're looking to build a custom 308.

Mike K. Panther Arms Sales Rep.

All of our 80% lower receiver models are considered "non-firearms" by the ATF and can be legally completed without a firearms background check to 100% per the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA). 18.U.S.C 921(a)(3).